An accomplished filmmaker, advertising writer and avid traveller, Ranga is a fascinating mix of youthful spirit and a mature, mulled over, 300-films old mind. His vast experience comes across both in his understanding of briefs and leading creative teams towards their best translation on film. After a long stint in advertising with Chaitra Leo Burnett and McCann Erickson in Delhi, he set up Final Cut Video Private Limited, then Flashback Films, which have since produced close to a hundred television commercials for clients such as Nestle, Dabur, ICICI Bank, Rasna International, BBC World Service Trust, and Emaar-MGF, and several longer format films.

His expertise lies in thoroughly understanding a brief and putting together and leading the appropriate team to get the best results, be it in films or in print advertising. His experience as a copywriter and a scriptwriter, in Hindi and English, has proved to be a definite asset.

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